About LX7

Everyone is familiar with the expression: “Go big or go home.” When it comes to creating high-performance aircraft, we take that to mean, “Go above and beyond what everyone else is doing.” With the all-new LX7, designed and developed by RDD Enterprises, we’ve taken the industry standards for performance, luxury, safety and efficiency, and blown right past them. The LX7 has a top cruising speed of 260 KTAS, a fuel capacity of 180 gallons, a non-stop range of 2,100 nm, a pressurized cabin with fine leather upholstery, a whole-aircraft parachute, and more. The LX7 aircraft presents an unmatched level of freedom–

  • Freedom to travel faster and farther, with fewer stops
  • Freedom from cabin discomfort and average components
  • Freedom to navigate adverse conditions
  • Freedom from the high costs associated with high performance aircraft