LX7 Safety

​Peace of mind is the absence of anxiety.  Safety equipment, intelligent design, and redundancy provide a margin that makes flying a relaxing escape rather than a stressful necessity.
  • BRS Whole Aircraft Parachute
  • Vso 62 KCAS
  • 2000 ft/min Climb Rate
  • Backup EFIS With Heading, Synthetic Vision And Battery
  • Blue Button Level Upset Recovery Feature
  • Dual AHRS
  • ​Primary Garmin EFIS with Active Traffic, Forward looking terrain, synthetic vision, and Satellite and ADS-B weather
  • Airbag seat belts by Amsafe
  • Single Piece Wing with Dual Redundant Spars
  • LED landing lights​ with pulse
  • Therm-X Thermal Deice with Windshield Protection
  • Positive Pressure Fuel System with Automatic Fuel Leveling Feature
  • All Carbon Fiber Structure
  • Improved Cabin Ergonomics
  • Higher Strength Seat Frames
  • Dual Electrical Bus
  • 180 gallon max fuel capacity​
  • Speed Brakes