Aircraft Wanted


Founded On Our Vast Aviation Experience

We want your aircraft!

Echelon is currently seeking 6 aircraft under acquisition agreements.

Our Buyers are:

  • Pre Qualified
  • Deposit Funds Available Immediately
  • The Best Value Proposition to a Seller
  • Close FAST


Below, we have listed the aircraft we are looking for.  If interested, please let us know so we can provide you an offer for your aircraft!


Citation X- Clean, Lower Time and Current On All Programs, Split Buss, Aileron ReGearing Mod, Gross Weight Increase.  Good Cosmetics In/Out


2 Cirrus Vision Jets .  Yes! We are seeking 2 Vision Jets.  One client is Gen 2 and one will consider a Gen 1 or Gen 2.  Current on Jetstream, or can be renewed at time of closing.  SEND US WHAT YOU HAVE!


TBM 700C2 Garmin Glass Avionics Preferred, but not required, Service Center Maintenance Pilot Door Preferred.  Good Times Remaining, limited deferrals.


TBM850 Legacy or G1000  We are seeking a G600 with Garmin 750, Panel or G1000 with Nxi Upgrades.  No deferrals. Service Center Maintained


Piper Meridian-  Good Cosmetics, Engine times could be negotiable, Prefer G500 with G750 or G1000 avionics,  GW increase a MUST, but will add to the correct aircraft.




Interested In Selling or Upgrading Your Aircraft?