2019 SF50 Gen 2 Xi

SF50 Generation 2 with Xi Package!

RVSM to Flight Level 310. With the ability to climb higher, you can increase you range 8-10%, or take up to an additional 150 pounds of payload on an 800nm mission Reduced Pilot workload and increase your situational awareness with Autothrottle. Wirelessly transfer you flight plan, text and make calls with your cellphone on Irdium Network or choose your XM station from any seat in the cabin with Garmin Flight Stream. Enhanced Awareness Package: Enhanced Digital Real Time Weather Radar. Scans area up to 120* for storm tops and cell build up at various altitudes. Enhanced Vision System (EVS Camera) This infrared camera captures the image of what is actually outside the aircraft and reveals any hidden hazards, in the air and on the ground. Surface Watch ChartView Electronic Charts Know your location on the airport, or while approaching, with runway alerts, and takeoff and landing distance data via the Surface Watch and Chartview. Pro Pilot Package: Traffic Collision Avoidance System, TCAS-1 Traffic Targeting plus audible intruder alerts. Terrain Awareness System ,TAWS-B Terrain and Obstacle Awareness Warning System enhances your Synthetic Vision, with possible conflict alerting. 3rd (Additional) AHRS & Air Data Computer 3 ( Additional) Digital Transponder Co-Pilot Quick Donning Oxygen System

Premium Luxury Package: A election of Premium Leathers and Carpet that are carefully crafted to interact harmoniously throughout the cabin. Each seat benefits from Enhanced Dimmable Accent Lighting, Fused with Textured Fabrics to provide an inviting personal space. Premium Leather Interior Executive Seating Configuration with Center Console 6th & 7th XC Seats Enhanced Interior Lighting Productivity & Experience Package: Stunning Gold Reflective Windshield and Cabin Windows create a natural lighting experience, insuring heat is deflected away. Additionally set the to the perfect personal temperature, using the Rear Climate Controls. maximize your experience, with the 22″ LED “CD Entertainment display for both work and play. 22″ Entertainment Display 115 Volt AC Power Station with HDMI & USB Power Multi-Zone Climate Controls Connectivity Package: The Perspective Global Connect allows text message and phone call functions directly form the cabin allowing you to stay informed while on the ground or at 31,000 feet. The level of convenience and safety provided world wide by Irdium Datlink Weather offers powerfully simple connectivity and peace of mind. Echo tops, freezing levels, and sever storms tracks and just a few entries at your fingertips. Ground Link uploads data while parked within a Wifi hotspot. Perspective Global Connect Enhanced XM Weather Data





Year : 2019
Manufacturer : Cirrus Aircraft
Model : Sf50 Gen 2 Xi
Condition : Used
Flight Rules : Day-Night-VFR-IFR-Known Icing
Number of Seats : 7
Registration # : N50SF
Exterior : Custom Xi Interior, Blue, Gray with Black Trim
Interior : Custom Xi Interior, Black Leather with matching blue inserts.
Status : Sold
Korey Stafford

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